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  Onion, leek, mixed mushroom, goat cheese, cream,
egg and herb
    Cherry tomato, goat cheese, eggplant and rosemary¬†¬†    
    Roasted vegetable, goat cheese, egg, cream and fresh herb  
    Spinach, shallots, garlic, goat cheese, pine nuts,
eggs, cream and herbs
    Tomato, eggplant, feta cheese, cream and egg    
    All quiches are available in the following sizes:    
    2" round (minimum order of 20) $2.50 each    
    5" round (minimum order of 10) $5 each    
    10" round $32    
    14 inches rectangle $36    
    Country herb bread    
    Homemade Jams & Tapenade    
    All jams and tapenade served in an 8 oz. glass jelly jars.  
    Strawberry jam $9  
    Strawberry raspberry jam $10  
    Cherry tomato jam $10  
    Baby carrot jam with cinnamon essence $11  
    Olive oil, fresh herbs and cashews tapenade
(delicious with bread)
    Sun dried tomatoes, olive oil, fresh garlic,
fresh herbs & walnuts tapenade

Made with only kosher ingredients.
Minimum order is $30.
Free delivery to Meyerland, Bellaire and the Galleria area!